See something you like on my site but want it to be a little different?

Need a customized piece for your home, office, or for a special occasion/gift?

I can create a painting specifically for you! 

If you like my work and would like to see it as an accessory item (like a throw pillow) Check out my treadless shop! 



Cali Com 2017

Purple sister

Made to match purple night for a gallery wall- both purchases by same client

H2 Replica 18x24in

nearly exact replica of a previous work done in different colors

Dark Sister

This piece was created to mimic Chak but with colors which better matched the buyers home. 24x24in

Angel wings- small replicas available $50

This was a special one to create- it was commissioned for a young lady battling chronic Crohn's disease to give her hope and courage to keep fighting back.

HH Island

An elaboration of the S. Carolina flag, and description of a sunset theme desired by the buyer. Completed work in April 2017


based on a photograph and colors of the room it was to be hung in. Finished summer of 2016


Created from a photograph of the room it was going to be hung in. Client asked for the colors to match the sofa and for it to have a modern, elegant look. Finished in Fall of 2015 for a private home collection


Painted in 2015 for an office in Downtown Chicago, Colors were suggested and a bold look was asked for.

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About My Art


I am often asked what I think about when I start a new piece, and the truth is that usually I’m not setting out to create something specific. I love just seeing where work takes me. 


I try not to give the paintings suggestive names which could alter the viewers perception. It is what you wish it to be. I truly hope you enjoy! 


Replicas of all my work are available for purchase, as well as many of the originals. I am also able to create unique, comissioned art work. 


Please contact me for more details. 

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Dark Sister

This piece was created to mimic Chak but with colors which better matched the buyers home. 24x24in